Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ima Do Me.

The more I feel comfortable enough to discuss fitness and nutrition with people, the more I get discouraged. I am constantly hit with "Why? You're so skinny!" Well that's fine and dandy that you feel that way. Though in no way do I think I'm fat, I am not where I would like to be. 
I would really enjoy not being deceptively weak. I would really enjoy not having to worry "is my shirt loose enough to hide my huge hips?" I would really enjoy having people say "Whoa."
Now with that being said, it may seem like I am doing this whole "get my big caboose in shape" nonsense for everyone else. 
I am, without a doubt, embarking on this journey for only one person, me.
I want to look at myself and say "I did it." I want to look at myself and realize I never gave up. Realize that I finally accomplished a goal. 
No one should ever change the way they look for anyone else. It isn't worth it because you can never please everyone. The only way to go about this horrid journey is to want to do it for yourself. Now, the help and support of loved ones is important, but unnecessary. 
The drive, the motivation, the strength for this comes from within.
So Ima do this. And Ima do this for me.

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