Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Should we do a post on yummy foods?
I say yes.
First off, because it's easiest because I make it, is breakfast.
Most important meal of the dayyy.
However, I don't eat my breakfast until either 11:10 or 12, depending on when I get out of class.
But my breakfast is yummy, so it's all good.
First, we have Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt.
Because anything made for kids is automatically 10,000 times better.
om nom nom.
Next, we have plain oatmeal. sounds great, no?
Kinda bleh. But not when you add...
    Peanut butter honey time, peanut butter honey time!
And my last trusty breakfast food is the least healthy, but damn it's good.
Krave cereal, which is little captain crunch like pieces filled with chocolate awesomeness, and some almond milk. 
Still working on that whole "eat healthy while still eating school food because I'm a broke and lazy college kid" thing.

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