Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fitness Funnies

Everyone's got 'em. 
I just get 'em a lot more than the run of the mill gym goer. 
Take February 7th for example:
I passed on while on a treadmill. Smacked my face and got slightly concussed.
This is what my chin looked like for a good two weeks.
It was great. 
But now that it's over and I'm not dead, I find it humorous. I mean, who else? This could happen to no one else. And I avoided the gym like the plague until that bruise was gone. 
Because no one will know that it's me without a bruise.
Then, today, I was running and managed to accidentally hit the stop button on the treadmill and go from 5.7 miles per hour to zero. I felt like a dumb dumb. But then laughed and kept running.
As well, I have tripped on the treadmill, almost fallen off an elliptical machine, and hit my head on a workout machine here and there. 
So basically, long story short, my gym adventures are a comedy of errors.
Shakespeare couldn't even write these shenanigans.
But hey, laughter extends life span, right?
I'm going to live forever.

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