Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Off

I'm giving myself one. I feel like after 10,000 four days of running over a mile each, I kinda, just kinda, deserve it. I've taken days off before, but I'm determined to make this one different. For my many years of yo-yo dieting and exercise, I have taken many a "break days" which turn into months of laziness. All it takes for me is one day to completely derail my efforts. 
"Day Off" has always meant "eat whatever you want and be lazy" to me. And once I do that for one day, I want to do it everyday. And before you know it, there went my drive, my motivation, and my willpower. But this time is different. I'm rewarding myself for hard work. I am still going to treat my body with respect aka not shoveling handful after handful of chocolate and grease into my mouth and just take a breather. 
Then it's right back to hitting the pavement tomorrow. 
But my break entails:
multiple thousands of cups of tea
peanut butter oatmeal
lots of House
and lots of Tumblr.
Happy Break Day to all. 
if it is yours, of course.

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