Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm getting absolutely dreadful at updating this.
Between finals, working nonstop, moving, and new family issues to deal with, blogging, let alone working out, have been the last things on my mind.
I do apologize for my absence though.
But anyways, since I no longer have a gym that I get free access to, I ventured outdoors for my run and headed due South. I found myself in richy rich houses of Palma Ceia. It was gorgeous. I was so entranced by the houses that I flew through a 2.4 mile run in 20 minutes or so (I mapped it out later on I had a good time, it cleared my head, and I enjoyed some alone time. However, one bad factor about Florida running: it's hot. Like super hot. So I have to wake up early. 
And who really wants to do that?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Day

Another set of yoga done.
I like yoga. 
I like the stretch I feel because I'm very inflexible naturally. The stretch makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something, like this working out thing is actually working.
 It's the little things that really make me feel accomplished in working out. It's not the weight loss, or the inches lost, though that would be nice, but no. It's really about seeing the sweat ring around my neckline increase as I run harder. It's about craving sugar and junkfood less, and wanting more fruits and veggies. It's about that crave to sweat, that crave to work.
I want my venture to end as a success story. I don't want to stay the same, that's why I started. 
And this is why I started this blog. Because this journey isn't easy. It isn't an overnight thing. It's difficult and sometimes you do lose motivation and you do just want to quit. It's a struggle to keep going. Some people would make it seem differently, that they never gave up, but that isn't the majority of wishers. 
I started this blog not only to motivate myself, but to show that this isn't an easy journey, that it is difficult. But that even though you can lose motivation, you can gain it back. Don't give up though. 
I can do this. And so can you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I ran again!
Two weeks of illness, business, and laziness later and I did it!
Goodness, I feel fantastic!
Like beyond.
And I finished my papers and readings, am signing the lease on my apartment, and am working like a fiend.
I feel so great today.
I look like a dork.
But I'm chillin today with my leftover chipotle and my phone.
A match made in heaven.

Monday, April 23, 2012


My absence. I have been sick, working forever, and just plain pooped.
Also, it's the last week of school before finals, so it's a bit stressful as well.
However, I have not been able to work out in over a week.
And I've gained probably about five pounds.
And I feel gross.
And I'm not happy.
So I'm going to try to change that this week.
But, right now, I have too much work to really write a lengthy post, so I will leave it at that.
I'll be back soon friends, I promise.
Until then, it's just me and my Popol Vuh and my tea.

Monday, April 16, 2012


I have a lot of them. 
I have a lot to deal with and no clue what to do.
I wish I could exercise to cope, but I feel like that will hinder my healing from the flu process and all.
However, since I cannot, I will keep it bottled and just explode soon.
Hopefully explode through sprinting on the treadmill. 
That would be nice.
But in other news,
Go Caps! Rock the Red!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Sick

This will teach me to laugh at my dad when he tells me to get a flu shot.
The flu-y part of my illness is gone, so I can walk without pain and my temperatures aren't fluctuating as much as a menopausal woman. However, I am still super congested (but I mean, who really needs to breathe out of one or even both nostrils? I'm spoiled, I know.), and I'm coughing up a lung every fifteen minutes or so (ab workout? lolz.). I was going to do some yoga today, but then I decided that chillin on the couch, watching bad Sunday afternoon television whilst trying to figure out my monetary situation was so much more fun. 
Maybe I'll get around to plucking my eyebrows today.
Then it'll be a productive day. 
Good God, Lemon. I look tired. But I love tea. : )

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flu Season

was over I thought without me getting it.
Apparently not, because I have the flu.
It sucks.
It hurt to walk across campus to go back to my room to shower. 
And my stomach flipped because I ate two plain pancakes.
I ate nothing yesterday.
I am miserable!
And angry at the flu. This is my "too sick to properly convey anger" angry face.